Guest appearance – 74tibs

May 13, 2015

This is another unusual post here. I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine, who, to my great surprise and absolute¬†“wow”, turned out to be a very talented music writer. Personally I am not very good with genres and labels in general, so I won’t even try to embarrass myself by trying to classify it (its not jazz, though :) ). After all, music is there for us to listen.

Tibor, the stage is yours –



May 12, 2015

We’re not alike anymore
due to
sadistic will to survive
on the salty soil
ripped off Wicked Mother Nature

Tie my will over heels
Cover from head to toe
Shield from f to s

And the story goes
till the last man crying




On the first day I brought you doubt

May 9, 2015

Your writing leaned right perfectly
yet I was the feather on your other hand
A faint note to self for a day below the surface

Mary Ann Gold starved to death
on her watch of
Uluru Mammoth

No wonder
I end up
blown off
and dismused



I need to apologise for my prolonged absence here, last month was rather difficult in terms of writing, lots of self-doubt and a horrible writer’s block. I can’t wait to catch up with my favourite blogs here.


‘Things we don’t discuss’ on Amazon!

March 8, 2015

Just a little update on my little collection of poetry. You can now buy it on Amazon. Thank you for your support!


click the cover to buy


The word is out!!!

March 3, 2015


Today I have a very special announcement to make. I am really excited to say that my first collection of poetry has just been published and and within a couple of days will also be available on amazon!

‘Things we don’t discuss’ includes 22 previously unpublished poems as well as selected pieces known to some of my guests here.

I am not very good at advertising, but if you are interested in buying this humble collection, just click the image in this post. I will also post a link to amazon as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your visits and inspiration I get from you and your works: poems, photos, drawings, thought provoking articles. You encouraged me to do this step.


No kind of… Maciej.



Put these wings to test

March 1, 2015

little bird


Patchwork girl – ‘Spectrum – Watercolored Words’ review

February 20, 2015

I am sure many of you have met Melanie. I’ve spent so much time with her collection of poetry and even though it wasn’t an easy task, I finally managed to ¬†review the book that has been with me for quite some time now. Please support this incredibly talented poet.

Spectrum – Watercolored Words by Melanie Thomason

‘Spectrum’ might be Melanie Thomason’s first collection of poetry, but it does not make her a debutant, definitely not for those who have come across her web page. It is not an easy task to talk about these poems, not only because some of them orbit around emotions we would rather stay away from, yet the author chooses to face and name them. This collection of poems is far from monotonous, though, Mrs. Thomason keeps her promises and offered a whole spectrum of bull’s-eye observations, notoriously leaving me with belief that they’ve been jotted down for me. Every watercolored tint is Melanie’s invitation, a hand reached out towards the reader, an introduction to a silent dialogue followed by a sigh. Sometimes I like to call this book ‘Watercolored Worlds’, as I discovered a fascinating, volatile universe that keeps luring me.



February 14, 2015

My decency has been forged
to play hide and stay
Don’t blink
unless you had wrapped your fears
in moon wool
biting its way into your brain
devastated by carpet gospelling

Invisible blood runs through
my veins accustomed to
post-honest modesty so subtle
and saliva-proof that
surface took a dive
and has been missing
ever since





On the loose

February 4, 2015



Copper tombstone

January 17, 2015

Every turmoil requires wind messing one’s hair
and a raindrop marking

pointing down
long live Caesar

First you hear the sentence
ten years of solitude
then your dream collapses
and walls wrap around your neck
there, there, boy
don’t think of pain
It’s not just private whipping, you know

swoosh, slam

swoosh, slam

swoosh, slam

Perfect unison conducted
by pounding heart
announcing your inevitable death

The story of yours is measured in
the continuity of skin
Don’t think too much, though
as there are no good answers
in this game



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